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Why storytelling?


  I have been a journalist most of my life, writing other people's stories. I spent nearly 40 years

  as a reporter, feature writer, TV critic and columnist with The Tampa Tribune.

  When the newspaper shutdown in 2015, I was looking for something to feed my creative needs.

   I joined the Writers and Poets of Safety Harbor, Fl., where I tried writing short stories. One night

   in 2018, after a group session, a woman came up to me and said I should try telling that story

   instead of reading it.  She directed me to some nationally known storytellers on YouTube. And  I

   was hooked.

I  I went to my first festival to see what it was all about. At Red Clay storytelling festival in Atlanta

   I attended workshops taught by Andy Offutt Irwin and Kim Weitkamp, two of the best.


   I also joined Storytellers of Old Tampa Bay, lead by a great storyteller Ross Tarr.  I now enjoy 

   putting together stories from my life experiences as well as tall tales and Florida Folk history.


   Most of my stories are humorous because that's my nature, my view on life. We're only here for a short time, so lets make it a good time.

    Places I've told: Open Mic at Safety Harbor Art & Music Center (every third Wednesday   night). Also, host of the monthly SHAMC story night (2020 and now paused until next year).    Also, Orlando Story Club; Brandon Community Center, Tampa Theatre, David A. Straz, Jr.  Center for Performing Arts Riverside Stage in Tampa, Florida Storytelling Festival's

  showcase (twice), Ft. Lauderdale Story Slam, and Florida Folk Nights in St. Petersburg.

I am getting ready for the next step.

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